How it sucks to be labeled just because of your past

People are so weird and ignorant. I met this one guy a few days ago. Nice guy. Neat,clean,confident and very well spoken. He joined in a conversation about people going to,or have been in prison. As the conversation carries on,I realize that he seemed very insulting toward people who have been in jail. Making snide remarks about the “tipe of person” that goes to prison.
Later on,I get a bit offended by his remarks and confront him about it. “Excuse me. I’ve been listening to your demeaning remarks about people,normal,fallible human beings that end up in prison simply because of the choices they made and I feel somewhat offended by them”

He looks at me in awe and sarcastically replies, “oh please. Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who believe that prisoners can become normal part of society and blah blah blah”.

I calmly patted him on his shoulder, ” I used to be a prisoner. I was sentenced for 5yrs for possession of crystal meth and marijuana in volumes that would make a grown man cry. I was also a self confessed drug addict,with no regard for another human if they did not do some form of drug. I was a total waste of breath and almost died twice in prison. I came out after 5yrs and changed my life around. Now I ask you,would you have said the same if I told you right from the start that I’m an ex convict?

A few days later I walked into him at the shop and courteously greeted him and he gave me a lOok of disgust. I found out that he went all over town and slandered my name and labeled me. And that because I was honest to say what I’ve in my past.

Its sad to think that the choices we made in our past,can ultimately be our brand tag.

Its not the things we did in the past that make us who we are today. Its the things we do in the present that counts.

I’ve done a lot of bad in my past. I’m not proud of the things I’ve done,but never ashamed to talk about it


The element of danger

I have a motorcycle. Not a very big one and also not very fast. It gets me where I need to be. While riding the other day,I had this urge in me to be daring,dangerous. It was 17:00 traffic in cape town and the cars are rushing past each other to get home after a long day at work. Myself,I was on my way to see someone and got bored just sitting behind this one particular car with a bumper sticker that read, “if you can read this,you’re too close”.

So I decided to have some fun and try make the time go by quicker.

So many cars,so many possibilities. I started to weave between the cars as I sped past them and mostly getting honks and angry hand gestures as I speed past them.

I realized that a lot of motorcyclists have that habbit to weave through the traffic,provoking the other drivers just for the fun of it,but where do you draw the line? When do you decide to stop taking these anger provoking risks,that could cause serious problems?

I know why I do what I do when I’m on my bike. I love that element of danger in my life. I love looking back after a situation and say,” wow,that was close”.

Just wish other boring avg joes would notice that